The festival of colours spreads happiness and vibrancy all over the world when it arrives. 

In 2021, Holi would fall on 29th March 


 The Banke-Bihari temple is a place to visit for Holi celebration in Vrindavan. Here the idol of Bihariji, another name for Lord Krishna is made to be dressed up in white clothes. Then the idol is brought to the devotees. They apply colour to the idol as a part of the celebration. As a form of a ritual, these priests sprinkle gulal water on the devotees in water guns or pour the water from buckets. Devotional music is played, and people dance to its rhythm, play Holi and enjoy their time profoundly.


Lathmar Holi in Barsana and NandGaon:


The first style of Holi is quite violent and rather one of its kind how a festivals starts with such act and women beating men with lathis (wooden sticks). Lathmar Holi celebrated in Barsana and Nandgaon .


Range Bharni Ekadashi or Phoolon wali (Holi with Flowers) Holi in Vrindavan


On Ekadashi prior to Holi, the Banke Bihari temple at Vrindavan celebrates unique style of Holi where only flowers are used to play with each other and hence the name Phoolon wali Holi (Flowers' Holi).


Widows Holi in Vrindavan


Since Vrindavan is one of the places with strictest rule for a widow living. Therefore two years back this Holi was introduced to add some colors to white lives of widows of Vrindavan. All the widows in Vrindavan will meet and play colors at Pagal Baba Widow Ashram.


Holika Dahan in Mathura, Vrindavan and nearby areas:


On this day, people practice to worship the burning fire on roads in their houses taking children along with dry fruit garlands around their necks. This day is marked to remember how Holika sat in fire.

Dhulandi Holi marks Holi processions in Mathura and Vrindavan


Almost ten vehicles decorated with flowers, and some even with kids dressed up as Radha-Krishna, participate in it. Everyone plays Holi with everyone else and its futile to resist.


Huranga in Mathura:

On the day after Holi, Dauji Temple, located about 30 km outside Mathura, comes alive with men getting not just beaten up but also stripped by the women. The tradition dates back to more than 500 years, when the Krishna temple was established. Women from the family which established the temple; strip the men and beat them up with their own clothes, in the temple courtyard. 


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