Best Coin card manufacturer in India

SKO Coins is one of the trusted names in the market, when it comes to premium quality Gold or Silver Coin Cards. 

Coin cards are an ideal gift item that can be gifted to people on festivals and other auspicious occasions, 

We hold specialization in designing and developing Coin Cards that are used by Banks and Jewellers for packing of Gold and Silver Coins

SKO Coins offer this range of coin cards in varied forms including sizes, shapes, thickness, weight, and other attributes specified by clients to meet their exact needs. 

Cards are attractive in design and finish with vibrant colours as per sizes required by our customers. Customize coin card are used to promote sale or build Brand. They are further customized with logo, name, etc. Coin card Printed in silk screen, they are supplied with strong self adhesive back. The coins can be packed by the customer himself with minimum of efforts.

SKO Coins will provide premium quality in coin cards. We will not produce with PVC, we produce with "PC" or "PET" which is good quality plastic.

These cards are also known as Coin packing cards, Gold Coin Card, Silver Coin Card, Tamper proof card, Coin Cards, Silver Coin Packing Box, Gold Coin Plastic Cover, Silver Coin Packing Box, Gold Coin Plastic Cover, Blister Packaging, coin packing machine, Certi Card and , Atm packing card. 

Why us ? 

* Premium quality Coin Cards

* Strong self adhesive back

* Scratch proof covering

* Speed delivery through courier 

* Screen printing technology

* Round, Oval, Rectangular or customize shape 

* Any design Any color ( Customize card) 

* PC or PVC material 

* Avaliable Thickness (0.8mm,1.0mm,1.25mm,1.5mm)

* Gold or Silver, coin or bars

* Glossy shine 

Skocoins is the leading coin card manufacturer & supplier in India.

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